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Sketch Dolls

Image of Sketch Dolls

$10.99 - On Sale


Artists love drawing on these adorable dolls! Take home a unique souvenir of your con experience. Dolls have a signature blank on bottom.

Kits include:

1 blank doll pattern - easy to assemble, even for those new to sewing
1 Needle
1 Bobbin of thread
Complete instructions.

You can assemble the dolls before your event and carry the finished ones with you for drawing on. (Each kit comes with a 4x6 zippered bag for smudge-free storage.)

You can also assemble dolls after they are drawn on. Each doll template is a Letter sized sheet of printable fabric, which stores easily in envelopes and folders. Artists can create their design on the sheet for you to assemble later. I've gotten good results from this method in the past, and it saves a lot of luggage space.